• Mapping the SME Ecosystem in Oman - 2018
    Executive summary of the Official map of the Omani SME ecosystem study conducted by The Firm.
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  • Oman Budget 2021 Brief
    Oman's Budget 2021 is critical for the fiscal sustainability of the country given the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and fall out of oil price collapse. Read our insights in the Oman Budget 2021.
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  • Oman Vision 2040 - The Narrative
    Oman Vision 2040 represents country's aspirtional vision to place the country in them midst of advanced economies. What is the narrative? What are the key drivers? Why is it important? Read our reflection on the Oman Vision 2040 Narrative
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  • سلطنة عمان - التحولات الإقتصادية
    التحولات الإقتصادية في سلطنة عمان خلال عام ٢٠٢٠
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  • COVID-19 Economic & Social Impact on Oman
    The economic impact of COVID-19 Pandemic is being felt across the globe. Economic and social repercussions are still being studied and understood. What is the case of Oman? The challenge is heightened by the fact that oil prices, the country's main resource, have collapsed. How does Oman manage the crisis? What are the expected economic effects of this pandemic on the domestic economy? What does Oman need to do? We explore these effects in our report COVID-19 Economic & Social Impact on Oman. The image below displays the pattern of contagion over time in Oman since Day 0.
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  • SMEs a Vehicle for Employment & Economic Diversification The Omani Experience
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  • Oman Vision 2040 Strategy Starter Guide
    How to align your organization's strategy to Oman Vision 2040 a starter guide
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